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Exterior Design

We  love to create comfortable outdoor spaces. Sometimes that means making 'walls' of canvas and vinyl to protect our clients from the elements. Once the room has been created and the necessity for snow removal absent the possibilities are endless. 

If enclosure is impossible or undesireable, we simply custom fabricate canvas covers for those precious pieces of patio furniture to protect them from the harsh sierra sun and snow.


Patio funiture





Privacy screens


Custom Protection

Tahoe Canvas is a firm believer in using the highest quality marine canvas in almost every project we take on. Sunbrella canvas is the world's number one marine fabric and comes in a wide variety of styles. Sunbrella is a breathable, mildew resistant fabric that provides years of style and comfort. And Sunbrella isn't just for exterior boat canvas - Sunbrella furniture fabrics are ideal for marine interiors. Featuring the same Sunbrella acrylic fiber as our traditional marine canvas, these fabrics feature a vast array of designs and colors to accent any boat interior, yet they remain mold/mildew resistant, stain resistant, fade resistant, and easy to clean. Exterior and interior Sunbrella marine fabric can be coordinated to create sophisticated yet seaworthy appointments. Canvas is the ulitmate in protection from the elements.


Hot Tub over~covers

BBQ & Outdoor Kitchen covers


Patio furniture coverings

Heavy Epuipment covers

Snowbolower covers


Marine Coverings

Boat covers and upholstery are the backbone of Tahoe Canvas Co. We have honed our talents and can fabricate your cover to fit your individual needs. Whether you keep your boat in a slip or on a bouy or even on the trailer we take each circumstance under concideration before starting the project.  No two boats are identical nor are their users therefore, Tahoe Canvas has subscribed to a 'Custom Only' attitude.

We make protective covers of all shapes and sizes and for all seasons using Sunbrella Marine Canvas for everyday use and Stamoid Heavy Cover for most of our winter covers.


Boat Covers~summer & winter





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